Mauricio Ruiz

Concept Artist . Character Designer . Creative Director

Specializing as a character designer, conceptual designer and visual development artist in the entertainment industries, Mauricio Ruiz designs for Feature Films, Network Television and PC/Console Games, contributing to both practical special effects and digital visual effects studios. With a ruthless work ethic and a passion to deliver breathtaking imagery, Mauricio is driven to make a cinematic experience truly immersive.

For the past six years, Mauricio has collaborated with many of the top studios, including Paramount Studios, Legacy Effects, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (ADI), Eddie Yang Studios and Alliance Studio. Among those studios and more, he has contributed to such films as the two recent Star Trek Films, the upcoming Robocop and the film R.I.P.D.

Working on a full-time basis with was Legacy Effects, the former Stan Winston Studios, Mauricio was their “go to guy” for all the design work in the commercial division. During his time there, Mauricio worked on dozens of commercial campaigns, from the Iron Man collaboration with Burger King and Dr. Pepper to Nintendo DSi and the Intel Super Bowl XLIV commercial, among too many to mention. The most memorable campaign was Nike’s Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Most Valuable Puppets (MVP) Campaign where he designed the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Puppets and various other puppet elements. These impressive series of commercials’ success led to a second season of the commercial campaign airing the following year’s NBA Playoffs. While not preoccupied with Legacy’s commercial division, Mauricio contributed to a small handful of feature film projects like John Carter, and pitch work for Jack the Giant Slayer and 47 Ronin. On the production for Real Steel, Mauricio established and reinforced a unique knowledge base of 3D modeling techniques within a rapid prototyping and output pipeline.

Having worked for several of the most prolific studios in the industry, Mauricio has honed a highly demanded set of skills,  enhanced by a solid traditional art foundation acquired at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. In the course of enrollment at the Art Center, Mauricio Majored in illustration with a focus on contemporary figurative painting. Knowledge of lighting form, balancing color, controlling composition, human and animal anatomy, and understanding the nuances of the human form became second nature. Therein lies his core disposition as a character designer and conceptual designer, all the more cultivated by a minor in entertainment design, where he broadened his abilities to encompass the whole of visual development. Mauricio’s love of storytelling, quickly engulfed all aspects of designing intellectual properties, from designing memorable characters to fantastic worlds, to building an iconic brand that connects with its audiences and then communicating those values across an ever changing media landscape.

Freelancing to accommodate all his ongoing clients and multiple disciplines, Mauricio Ruiz Design is dedicated to providing you the most thorough design experience while maintaining the highest quality artwork to help realize and communicate your story, message or idea.